The Golden Egg

Welcome to the most original game in the crypto world to date.

The golden Egg stands apart from other dice sites as it has player edges on particular games.   Yes that’s right the only game where the player gets an edge. It is also provably fair and is full online multiplayer  with in game chat. 

Now let’s get to the good part with the modes of play. 

Direct Play into the Lucky Egg Machine:

This is the most ambitious game on the site yet as there are opportunities for players to get an edge over the house  in specific modes of play. 

From the Main lobby you direct yourself into the Lucky  Egg Machine and you can play with 4 types of eggs each with  the following player edges:

Party Egg :   0.5% House Edge
Bronze Egg :  1.0% Player Edge
Gold Egg :    1.11% House Edge
Platinum :    1.18% House Edge

Actually these %’s are very modest because even if you play and receive what you concede to be a total loss then you  get WorldAidCoins in your game wallet which is the same value that you just played with. These WorldAidcoins were not  taken into account while calculating the above %’s so you can see this is really is a fantastic deal. 

The %’s are subject to change and an exact screen print of the % winnings will be published here if and when changed  http://worldaidcointalk.org/index.php?topic=350.0

Placing Your Eggs on the Tables 

From the main lobby you can see there are 4 different coloured egg rooms to enter. These rooms are where all the  tactics and strategic placement off eggs comes into play and it is where the referral system can really make you huge  returns!.

The great thing about this game is that it is subsidised by WolrdAidCoin so as soon as you place your egg on a table  you immediately have the same bitcoin value of the egg in WorldAidcoin sitting in your game wallet. The basic rules of the game is that you place your egg on a table and then players start joining your table until you  are position number 1. At this stage when you are and the table is full your egg disappears from the table and you get x eggs in your game wallet. 

Party Egg:   x = 3
Bronze Egg:  x = 2
Gold Egg:    x = 3
Platinum:    x = 3
(in addition you get an extra gold egg in the platinum rooms)

Don’t worry your eggs are not trapped because you can now send your egg directly from the tables to the Magic Egg  machine for the chance to win great prizes. The %’s of winning through this is less than spending directly from your  game wallet but you do have a chance to win and the WAC you received from placing your egg still remains yours.

Therefore the more you recruit your friends the more your eggs will turn into Bitcoin. Or if you get impatient waiting for this strategic game then send your egg to the magic machine for prizes AND take the WAC in your wallet. It’s  really that simple!

Purchasing Game Credits (eggs)

To purchase eggs you must visit the player back room and click ‘Get Party Eggs’, ‘Get Gold Eggs’ etc, read and submit  the required information, send the BTC and submit the form. Your Eggs will appear shortly after approximately 3  confirmations. To cash out you do exactly the same except in reverse.

The only difference in purchasing eggs is while buying Bronze eggs. You can only buy Bronze eggs with WorldAidCoin and  only if you bought the WorldAidCoins through an exchange : www.usecryptos.com . The price for a bronze egg is 0.02 so if you want 1 bronze egg you must purchase 0.02B of WAC through  www.usecryptos.com , screen print the transaction and then pay this WAC and submit the link to the screen print in the  form.

Yes this is not as easy as other dice sites and may sound complicated but there is no site in existence today that  gives players a 1% player edge so grasp this opportunity while you can as it will only be around until the end of  October 2015 (at this stage the %’s will change).

Enjoy playing and remember you are not only playing the most unique provably fair game on the market but all proceeds  after site costs go towards WorldAidCoin for helping people less fortunate in the world as the game is sponsored by www.worldaidcoin.org .